Week of October 1st

What comes after we say, “I believe in Jesus?”  Is that all there is or is there more?  God’s hopes and dreams for us are a journey towards blessing.  We do not arrive in one or two steps.  We grow into abundant life, full and free.  Here are some passages that teach us about worship, joy, and hope.

PRAYER – Lord, send your Holy Spirit to enlighten my mind, strengthen my hands, and encourage my heart so I may faithfully live my life for you.  Amen.

Monday – Isaiah 6:1-8

Isaiah was probably a priest, perhaps doing his usual routine when something spectacular interrupted his day.  Not every moment of worship is like this, but it was because he was in worship that he heard the call.  Can you identify the four movements:  vss 1-4, vs 5, vss 6 & 7, and verse 8?  What was Isaiah experiencing?  Does worship mean this for you?

Tuesday – Revelation 4

John has a vision of worship in heaven.  It is an incredible experience.  What is the focus of worship?  How do they express their worship?  Is this dependent on the place, time, and style of worship?  How can you worship this way?

Wednesday – 1 John 1:1-10

Why does the author write these things (vs 4)?  It is so easy in our busy, topsy, turvy world to get buried under “stuff.”  All we do is put one foot in front of the next, and never really “enjoy” the gift of life.  But Jesus came to give life – abundant life.  What in this passage can bring joy to our lives?

Thursday – Romans 14:13-23

We are not the first generation to live in controversy.  It goes way back.  Even though we may not appreciate the issue in Paul’s day, his guidance is still valuable.  What does he advise?  What is the most important guiding principle?  Where will this lead us (vs 17)?  Can this work today?

Friday – Psalm 42

Here is some poetry from “prose-flattened” lives.  This is not an example of a “care bears perfect world.”  This author is frustrated, facing difficulty.  Yet, there is hope.  Why?  How does this writer’s faith encourage our hopes in frustrating times today?


Saturday – Romans 8:18-30

One can spend a life time in the 8th chapter of Romans.  It is not merely surviving the challenges of life, but discovering how to thrive in the challenges of life.  In what ways does Paul teach us how to thrive in the challenges of life?  How does faith in Jesus Christ lead us there?  If you need a boost, read the rest of the chapter.