Day 201 The Death of Judas Matt 27: 3-10

Guided reflection:

I wonder why only Matthew records this part of the story.   Judas tried to make things right – he went to get his money back – to take back what he had offered.  But he found that they could care less about his guilty conscious – they wanted Jesus and they had him - who cared about Judas?  Judas threw the coins on the floor and ran out…. And overcome with what he had done, hung himself.  Hopelessness… despair… guilt... shame.    My friend, if you are ever at a place where the only option seems to be to end it all… remember this story… this was not the end of it!  Your story is not completed!  You will find Jesus there at the end of your rope!  Remember Judas!

Guided prayer:

“For all those who feel there is no hope, please, Dear God, help them hear your word of hope.   For those who do not know the love of Christ, help me show them your love.  Amen”