Day 167 Jesus Predicts the Destruction of Jerusalem Luke 19:39-44

Guided reflection:

            Can you hear the cry of disappointment Jesus has over His people of Jerusalem?

“O that you knew the things that make for peace”.   I imagine, in my heart’s ear, hearing a similar cry from the throne room in heaven even today.   Jesus had hoped that the people of the day had realized that God was revealed right there in front of them… but they did not.  In 70 AD, destruction of Jerusalem did happen….even today, there is sorrow in Jerusalem.   But for us, have we ignored the ways of peace and have chosen to ignore them?

Guided prayer:

O Dear God, are you trying to get my attention today?  Where am I ignoring you?   Where are the ways of peace before me and I am not getting it?  Show me the way…Let peace begin with me.  Amen.”