Day 179 Prediction of the Destruction of the Temple Matt 24: 1-3; Mark 13:1-4; Luke 21:5-7

Guided reflection:

Again, remember this is just days before the crucifixion.   When Jesus leaves the temple on this day, he begins to speak as one who knows the future.  Over the next few days we will look at Jesus’ predictions.  Maybe he stood and looked at the building itself, in awe of its grandeur.  But with his insight, he knew that it would soon be destroyed.  This temple that everyone saw as their spiritual center was going to be destroyed… would they be able to see that it was just a building and their real center – IN HIM – would rise again?  In 70 AD it happened, and all that is left is the “wailing wall” where Jews from all over the world come and “wail” and wait for the rebuilding of the temple.  Right now the “Dome of the Rock Mosque” sits on that sight – a fact that fuels the animosity between the Jews and the Palestinians today.

Guided prayer:

            “Your Word tells me that I am the temple of the Lord… that the Spirit dwells within me.

Because of Jesus, I need not fear destruction, because you are with me… you are within me… you are Immanuel, God with ME!”  Amen”