Day 178 The widow’s gift Mark 12:41-44; Luke 21: 1-4

Guided reflection:

I love this story!  It lets me know that God knows my heart and my circumstance and realizes that even if I cannot give much, if I give what I have, God knows.   Isn’t it good to know we do not have to be all puffed up nor make a big production about our gift giving to God… we just show up, just as we are, and give what we have.  But also notice that even though she had little, she still gave.  Giving is part of making our heart match God’s heart.  Even if we have very little, we still give because we want a heart like God’s! 

Guided prayer:

“Giving God, I want my heart to match your heart.  In your eyes, am I more like the Pharisees who gave out of their abundance… or am I like the widow, who gave out of her little? Make my little become much when placed in your hands.  Amen”