Day 171 The Parable of Two sons Matthew 21: 28-32

Guided reflection:

Jesus tells an interesting story.  One said he would not help, yet repented and did help… the other said he would help yet did not!  Jesus is telling the Pharisees and anyone else listening, don’t just talk about what you are going to do…. DO what the Heavenly Father requests… and if at first you do not do what God wants, if you repent and do it, that is what is most important!   It is not your intentions, but you heart that is open to repent and go the right thing after all that is most important. Have you ever said one thing and done another… or changed you mind to do the right thing?

Guided Prayer:

“My heart is open, O God, to have you show me what you would have me do, even if I have said I would not do it.  Help me see your will and where I am missing the point.  Most of all, keep my heart open to repent and go in a new direction.  Just for practice, where shall I make a change today? Amen”