Day 170 Questions about Jesus’ Authority Matt 21: 23-27, Mark 11: 27-33, Luke 20: 1-8

Guided reflection:

The cat and mouse game with the Pharisees and Jesus becomes a little bit more heated.  Jesus goes to the temple to pray and the Chief Priest and some of the elders come to him and ask him by what authority he does miracles?  Jesus knows they do not want real answers, they just want more evidence to add to their list of how evil Jesus is…. So he answers their questions with a question, and ties them in their own knot. Are you ever like the Priests and Elders, just trying to punch a hole in someone else’s good thing?  Do other people ever get your goat because they seem to be doing things better than you. Or do they make you uncomfortable with the way they do things?  Can you feel the tension in the air as we go through these days?  Take a moment and put yourself in the story – hear the shouts, hear the taunts, hear Jesus’ frustration… it is all part of the story.

Guided prayer:

Father, forgive me for the times I have no clue what I am doing. Forgive me for the times I have not seen what you are doing in others’ lives while I have judged them.  Forgive me.  Amen.”