Day 168 Jesus gets angry! Matt 21: 10-17; Mark 11:11; Luke 19:45-46

Guided reflection:

There is a piece of me that is pleased to know that Jesus had a fit of anger in the temple when he saw the temple used as a market place.  Remember yesterday’s lament over Jerusalem?  This next event is all a part of the same day… he has just cried over Jerusalem and now finds that the temple folks are using the temple as another place to scam the people – making them pay for their sacrifices!  They are missing the whole point!  Then, when he heals the sick and the temple folk get mad at him, he is at his limit!  Maybe this is “the passion” of Jesus! What makes you angry?  Do you think Jesus is angry over the same things you are angry? 

Guided Prayer:

“Help me be righteously angry about the things that make you angry, O God, instead of my pettiness and competition with others.  Forgive me the places I have misused your gifts for purposes that do not match your heart.  Help me to be more like Jesus. Amen”