Day 154 The Day of the Son of Man Luke 17:22-37

Guided reflection:

This passage continues the conversation of yesterday’s readings.  Jesus goes back over their Jewish history and reminds them that there have been pivotal times when, at a moment’s notice, something happened.  Jesus wants us to be ready – at any time and any place – for God to act... or for that matter, for life to happen!  Jesus’ point:  “If you try to hold on to life in fear, you will lose it.  If you live life in a sense of expectancy, holding it loosely, you will be ready to respond without regret.

     Guided Prayer:

“Am I ready, Lord? What if this was my list day – would I have regrets?  Show me where I can make strategic change to live life, holding it loosely, each day as a gift.  Amen.”