Day 153 On the Kingdom of God Luke 17: 20-21

Guided Reflection:   

For the Jews of Jesus’ day, the coming Kingdom was something everyone

anticipated – but did not really expect to happen on that day.  The messiah would come… so when folks asked Jesus his thoughts on the subject, he surprised them by saying it is not a future contemplation, but a present reality!  And, it is not that kind of physical kingdom, but a spiritual one.  Do you look to the future for God to come into your life, or do you see that God is here ..right now?

Guided Prayer:

“Ever present God, help me drop my fantasy of you in my future and help me come to face the reality that you are an ever present help in times of trouble, my present source and my present strength.  I do not have to wait for heaven; you are with me right now.  Thank you.  Amen”