Day 152 Jesus Heals 10 Lepers Luke 17: 11-19

Guided reflection:  

This is the perfect Thanksgiving Day gospel lesson.  Lepers were outcasts and not

allowed near others lest they infect innocent people.  These l0 outcasts begged Jesus to heal them… and he did!  They went rushing back to the priest to have their ban lifted… and one stopped… turned around… and ran to Jesus.  “THANK YOU for healing me and changing my life!” and Jesus not only healed him, but restored what the leprosy had eaten away.   Funny, yesterday Jesus said we were to do things without thanks… but when we offer genuine, grateful thanks, Jesus opens even more to us.  Have you stopped to thank God for your blessings?  

Guided Prayer:

Today, make an inventory of your grateful heart.  Stop and offer thanks to God for each.  Then consider how God has shown love to you through the lives of others – who cooked your breakfast?   Who delivered your paper… your mail?  Who waited on you at lunch?  Who sacrificed so you could eat today?  May this list be your grateful prayer.