Day 151 A Servant’s wages Luke 17:7-10

Guided reflection:   

This story is hard for us to comprehend because we do not treat people as

Servants; but in Jesus’ day, a servant put the needs of his master before his own needs… and thanks was not necessary.  I think Jesus wants us to face the “it’s all about me – look at me, I am being so faithful – wonderful me” mentality.  Have you ever been ticked that you worked at a mission project and no one gave you thanks?  Did you do it for Jesus or to get recognition? We do not need rewards for doing what is expected of us.  We are faithful because we have offered ourselves to be God’s humble servants.   Jesus is not focusing on God’s response, but ours. 

Guided prayer:

“Well, Lord, it does feel good to know we are being the hands and feet of Jesus… but help me be willing to be faithful even if it does not feel good… even if no one says ‘thanks’.  Loving God, show me where I think I am doing things for you but really, it is all about me.  Forgive my self centeredness.  Amen.”