Day 150 The Rich Man and Lazarus Luke 16:19-31

Guided reflection:

Is this a story of lack of compassion; of regret; of missed opportunities?   Is this a story of the hereafter and our “just rewards”… do we get what is coming to us?    Is this a story to jolt us into making sure we care for those around us while we have the chance?  Or, could this also be a story whose punch line is about why Jesus came… from the other side, the Father’s heart, to come and dwell among us, so, if we will listen, we would know the way to eternal life?  Will we be smart enough to listen?   Where are you the rich man… where like Lazarus?

Guided prayer:

Open my eyes to see opportunities around me to show your love.  If I have a time to be like Lazarus, may I find comfort in your arms.  But help me be willing to listen and pay attention, lest I find myself with no more opportunities.  Help me know that this is not a dress rehearsal, this is the real thing.  May I make the most of every opportunity!  Amen!”