Day 138 The servant’s wages Luke 12:47-48

Guided reflection:

These two verses are a part of yesterday’s conversation.  If a servant is insubordinate and does not do what his master has required, in Jesus day, they were not fired, but beaten!   Now, if he did not know what he was to do and did not do what the boss wanted, he would be reprimanded but not to the extent as the one who defied his boss.   If we know what to do and do not do it, then our Lord has the right to be disappointed with us!  Don’t worry about the things you don’t know to do, make sure you are doing the things that you do know to do!

Guided prayer:

“I may not always know what is the right thing to do, Lord, so guide me and show me the way.  However, there are many things I do know to do that would please you and bring honor to your name.  Help me focus on doing those things.  How am I doing?  Is there any place you would like to show me a different way?  Help me be open to your guiding light.  Amen”