Day 137 Being watchful and faithful Luke 12: 35-46

Guided reflection:

Have you ever had a job where you would slack off when the boss was not around?  We recently had a big wind storm.  If you had been killed by a falling tree or a loose electric wire, what would you have been “caught” doing as you passed from this life to another? (This was one of those scriptures my mother would use when she thought I was doing something I should not be doing…  Lynette, what if Jesus came at this time?)   Jesus reminds us that we are to live each day as though it is our last on this earth.  May we be found faithful and busy for Christ when our time comes.  

Guided prayer:

“Dear God, if I knew when my time would be up, Iwould be able to do what I want and then at the last minute ask for your forgiveness and I’d be off the hook – right?  No, I know that is not the way to live my life.  Help me to see that I need to live my days with fullness and passion and doing what you have called me to do.  So, Lord, are there things that are distracting me from my real purpose?  Are there things I am doing that would make me ashamed if Jesus walked in the door in the flesh?  Help me remember, you are here, at all times, in all places, no matter what I am doing.  Find me faithful, dear

Lord!  Amen”