Day 98 Parable of the net Matt: 13:47-50

Guided reflection:

Jesus was in a “heaven or hell” mode on this day.   I am not going to focus on or worry about whether there is an actual hell in which I will burn in torment… but I can choose to live my life is such a way that the eternal sorting team will want to keep what I have done with my life.   If you were on God’s sorting team, would you keep you or toss you back into the lake?  It seems that is not all up to us, but we do own some responsibility on living the truth that we know, or else it will be lost on us.

Guided prayer:

“Loving God, we are not sure about the heaven and burning in hell business, but we are sure about your love.  We want to be worthy of your choosing.  We are responsible for our actions.  So, take my life, just as it is, and do in me what you need to do to make me into the person you dream me to be.  Amen”