Day 96 Jesus explains the parable of the weeds Matt 13:36-43

Guided reflection:   

This portion explains the words from day 92.  Have you ever had anyone misunderstand your motives?   Have you ever done something good but it was interpreted as something bad?  It is at those times we have to trust that God knows and that in the end it will all make sense… things will become clear.  That is why we cannot judge.  Nor can we live for other people… it is for Christ that we live and die.  In the big picture, that is all that matters.

Guided prayer:

“Jesus seemed to have a theme going here, O God.  The great commission tells us that we are to learn to observe all the Jesus taught.  We are in the middle of doing just that… help me have eyes to see and ears to hear so that I can be the person you dream for me to be.  Amen”