Day 95 Why Jesus used parables Matt 13: 34-35; Mark 4:33-34

Guided reflection: 

Jesus must have been a great story teller.  It was even part of an ancient prophecy that the Messiah would speak in parables - not riddles of confusion, but stories of every day things to make a point.

Doing a children’s moment is like trying to create a parable.  Look around you at this moment… your computer, iPod, date book, calendar, pencils… right now, select one item and consider how Christ might use that object to teach you a lesson.. Go ahead!  (Then tell Pastor Charlie your good ones so he can use in a sermon one day!)

Guided prayer:

“Patient teacher, open my eyes to see your insights and lessons all around me.  Help me to keep it simple instead of trying to make the truth of your love for me something complicated.  Don’t give up on me!  Amen.”