Day 93 Mustard seeds Matt 13: 31-32; Mark 4: 30-32; Luke 13: 18-19

Guided reflection:

More seeds/weeds/grain stories!    I love these kinds of stories – when little becomes MUCH when placed in God’s hands.  Just think, faith like a tiny mustard seed – the smallest of all seeds… that kind of faith, if conditions are right, can grow into such a large tree that birds can build nests in it!  All from a tiny seed!  I wonder what tiny seeds are taking root in my heart that have the potential of great things for God!  Do you have a place in your life that need faith and you fear you do not have enough?  Why not place that tiny faith into God’s hands and stand back and see what God does with it!  One idea, write it down on a piece of paper, bring to the church and slip it between the pages of the Bible on the altar.  Do not sign your name… but wait and see into what your faith might develop! 

Guided Prayer:

“A tiny seed, O God, is all that I have sometimes… but this story tells me you can make wonderful things out of my little bit to offer you.   So, take what I have and let’s see what you and I can do with my life!  Amen.”