Day 92 Parable of the weeds Matt 13: 24-30

Guided reflection:

I sure wish life was easy, don’t you?   Why do weeds – distractions that sap me of my energy – have to grow along side of the things I am trying to do for good?   Why can’t we have some kind of spiritual “round-up” that we can spray on our hearts so that weeds and distractions cannot even grow in our hearts?  We need to face reality – in this life we have tribulations…  Jesus said so and we know so!  We are to just keep growing in Christ right along with all the other stuff.  Then at the end of life, what has been done for Christ will be what will last.  Where are the weeds of life choking you right now?  Where is it hard to see if you are doing good or just adding to confusion?  Remember, God knows you heart and God is the judge – not others and not even yourself!

Guided prayer:

“Thank you, Loving God, for being the loving harvester who knows what I have done for you that is good… and knows and  tosses aside the things I have done for other motives.  Thank you for being the judge and not allowing even me to be the one to judge my life.  Toss away from me what is a detriment… and allow your word to flourish in me.  Amen”