Day 91 Secretly growing seed Mark 4:26-29

Guided reflection: 

Jesus must have been teaching during planting season or maybe harvest season, because many of his parables are about seed being sowed and various conditions that affect harvest.  This short story only told in Mark,  adds to the point that if we allow the “seed” (Word of God) to be planted in our hearts, we do not have to use our own efforts for goodness to develop.  That is the Spirit’s job!  We just have to be fertile soil, ready and willing to accept what God (the sower) plants in our hearts.   If we receive love, it will just be natural to show love to others!  Can you think about a time when God used you and you did not even know you had it in you? 

Guided prayer:

“O great and wise sower of seeds, I open my heart to you and ask that you create in me the kind of heart that is open to any seed of truth you send my way.  I step out of the way and allow your spirit to work in and through me.  Amen.”