Day 85 Jesus seems to offend his Mom Matt 12: 46-50, Mark 3:31-35; Luke 8:19-21

Guided reflection:

Now, as a mother, this story in the day and life of Jesus offends me.   We call Jesus’ mother “the Holy mother of Jesus”… yet when she comes to where he is in ministry and asks to speak to him, he gives her the brush off… and says that his true relatives are those who do the will of His Heavenly Father.   I always wondered about what she wanted to say to him.   Was he really setting a boundary with her?   Maybe she had a list of people she wanted him to “heal”…or was planning a family reunion and wanted him to be the star… who knows, but putting Mary aside, Jesus’ point is that we are “in the family” if we do God’s will.   So, are you “in”?   (But the next story starts with “Jesus went out of the house”… maybe he did go home after all!)

Guided Prayer: “We do not know the whole story here, O God, but we do hear the point – that if we

do your will, we are all in this together… we are family!  Thank you for including me and knowing my heart.  Amen.”