Day 83 They wanted “signs” from Jesus Matt 12: 38-42; Luke 11: 29-32

Guided reflections:   

The Pharisees were intrigued with Jesus… and they wanted some proof, so they asked for a sign to show that he is from God.  Jesus knows that their hearts are not really open – they would not believe him if he did magic tricks.  No, they were not seeking truth... they just wanted a show.  Jesus sets a boundary with their unhealthiness, I think.  He is not going to waste his time trying to convince the inconvincible!   I wish I had the wisdom of Jesus, don’t you?  I need to know when to defend myself and when to just let it go because others would not understand. I get hooked every time!  Do you ever have trouble with that?   Jesus knew his mission was not to please the Pharisees, but to be a savior of the world.  Thank goodness He understood that one!

Guided prayer:   

“I need wisdom, O God.  So many times I forget my purpose in life and instead try to please and satisfy people.  That is a hard line to walk.  I want to be loving and kind, but not side lined by people pleasing.  Help me to know my purpose and to live for you and not for the opinion of others. Amen.”