Day 77 More Healing stories of Jesus Matt 12: 15-21, Mark 3: 7-12, Luke 6:17-19

Guided reflection:  

These verses try to give us the picture at how quickly word had spread about Jesus healing people and setting them free.  If someone you loved was ill and there was someone who could help them, you would go too!   The crowds were so great he asked the disciples to have a boat ready to free him from being trampled!   Instead of some great truth today, just imagine watching the crowd and enjoy seeing people be excited about being in Jesus’ presence.

Guided prayer: 

“I want to be excited about Jesus too!  If I had been there I would have brought the following people to Jesus:  (list the names of those you know who would want Jesus’ touch) .   In my minds eye, I imagine Jesus reaching out and touching them and healing them and making them whole.  Make it so, dear Lord.  Amen.”