DAY 51 Self Deception Matt 7: 21-23; Luke 6: 46; 13:26,27

Guided reflection: 

I think Jesus is telling us in this scripture that we can have the right lingo and do some of the correct actions, but if our motivation is not pure, it is useless! Jesus is looking at the heart – he knows if we do mission work to fill a need to look compassionate when we feel guilty for taking advantage in another situation… or the spouse who knows they are in the “dog house” and will do or say whatever it takes to try to make the other person happy… their motive is to get out of trouble, not to change their ways to meet the needs of their spouse.  Ever done that?  Jesus does not want empty words or empty actions!  He knows our hearts!  So, if your heart is not in it, don’t do it!


Guided Prayer:   “Authentic Loving Lord,  help us to face our phoniness.  We want to look good for others and we forget there is really an audience of ONE , and that one is you!  Help us to drop our focus on pleasing others and turn, instead, to pleasing you.  May our hearts match your hearts… or as Jesus said,  “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”  Amen.