Day 33 Jesus on Divorce Matt 5:31-21; Matt 19:9; Mark 10:11-12, Luke 16:18

Guided reflection:

Jesus’ words in this passage kept me in a dysfunctional marriage for 21 years.  My heart still breaks to know that I made choices that felt healthy and the best for my soul… yet mark me in this scripture.

I believe Jesus wants us to know that marriage is an important value and the way we treat others, particularly our spouses, is not to be taken lightly.  I wish I had a testimony of a blessed and healthy and fulfilling marriage for 35 years, but instead I have a testimony of how I found God’s grace in my brokenness; and how I tried to be as loving and respectful as I could be as I gently laid aside my bonds of marriage but maintained my connection to my Ex as a brother in Christ.  I needed God’s grace and found it … so today, reflect on your relationships, your choices, your family members… and pray for God to heal our marriages and make us whole.

Guided Prayer

“O God, we pray for those caught in painful marriages.  May your love grant them wisdom and insight as they wrestle with how to be whole and healthy.   Grant your forgiveness to those who have sinned.  Amen”