DAY 49 The Narrow Gate Matt 7: 13-14, Luke 13: 23-24

Guided reflection:   

Could this be Jesus’ retort to our Junior High complaint:  “everyone else is doing it!”?   Jesus is saying that when we are following Jesus, we may not end up traveling with the in crowd… we have to pay attention to our choices and our direction.   Just because everyone else is doing it, does not mean that is the path Jesus has chosen for us.  That would mean that we need to be in constant conversation with our “journey guide” – Jesus!  Where do you think you are following the crowd… and where do you think Jesus is leading you?


Guided prayer:   “O guiding light, help us to take our focus on what everyone else is doing and pay attention to where you are leading us.  Show me my unique path in walking with you.  And grant me the courage to walk away from the crowd.   Amen”