DAY 47 Jesus on answering prayer Matthew 7: 7-11; Luke 11: 9-13

Guided reflection –

Jesus says we are to ASK for what we want… I have heard many people say they feel like it is selfish to ask God for the desires of their heart.. that prayers should only be for others.  NO!  Jesus says right here that if we have a desire, we should offer it to God… if we are seeking for some truth or opportunity, we should ask!   I think Jesus is wanting us to understand that God loves us and takes delight in us.  If we offer our desires to God, we are thrilling God by asking God to partner with us in making our dreams come true!  So, Ask!

Guided Prayer:   “Giving God, these words say that we are to ask… this is the desire of my heart

(name it) – I ask that you hear my desire.  I need to find some answers – this is what I am looking for (name it)… I ask that you participate with me in finding it.    And, Lord, I would like for these doors to open for me (name what opportunity you want to open for you)… if these requests are answered, I will use these results to bring honor to your name.  Amen!”