Day 39 The Lord’s Prayer Matt 6: 9-15, 11:25,26; Luke 11: 2-4

Guided reflection:

Jesus just said in yesterday’s reading that we are not to recite empty words or phrases… yet we repeat the same words every Sunday – why?  I think this prayer is a formula… and our praying it in worship is our pact with God that we want to pray like Jesus did… but then we need to just do it:  

Guided prayer – conversation with God – be honest, come clean like Jesus says:

“Loving God: Do I speak your name like it is holy?   Do I really want your will in my house like Jesus wants it?    Do I have what I need for today – am I thankful or worrying about tomorrow?

Do I have things that need forgiveness- things that stand in the way between me and you, God?

Are there people in my life with whom I have unfinished business – can I at least be open to consider forgiving them?  Am I enjoying my temptations… or do I want God’s help in facing them?  Where do I need to be delivered from evil?  What is in my power to resist? … Now, we’re talking, God!  Amen!”