Day 228 Jesus is the Bread of Life John 6: 25-59

Guided reflection:

Jesus said to the crowd “Do not work for food that spoils, but work for food that last for eternity.”  Where are you placing your energy – in things that are fleeting, or things that matter?   And, by the way, is your soul hungry?  Feeling empty?  Jesus is the bread of life!  Live!   The Pharisees really had a hard time with this teaching – they did not “get” the metaphor… they made fun by saying Jesus was a flesh eating cannibal!    WE know that Jesus meant that what we really need is what He can offer – God in made flesh – Immanuel, God with us, Love with and in us.  Like the song says “what the world needs now, is love, sweet love.”   Jesus is what we need!  What have you been “feeding” yourself that is worthless?  How might you “feed” on Jesus?

Guided Prayer:

“Why do I look to things of this world to fill my life?  How is it that I long for truth and light and love and yet do not pay attention to the one who is the source of that Love?  Feed me, bread of life.  Fill the empty places in my heart with you.  Amen”