Day 226 Jesus and the Pharisees John 5: 20 – 47

Guided reflection:

Jesus continues his lecture to the Pharisees… he tries to help them understand that He is sent from God.  They are not open to believe this.  They study the scriptures and miss the point.  They will not look at the works that Jesus is doing as proof he is the Messiah.  They will not see, they will not be open, they are unteachable.   Jesus was right there in front of them, yet they were determined that he as the enemy, instead of seeing him as a gift from God.   Are you teachable?  Are there things in your life that you “know for sure” and no one is going to tell you any differently?  What I know for sure is that Jesus loves me and God is love. 

Guided prayer:

“Loving and giving God, open my eyes to the places where I am so rigid about what I believe.  Help me to hold your truth gently in my heart.  Keep me open to new places where you might be expanding my heart.  Amen.”