Day 242 Peter denies Jesus John 18: 15-19:16

On day 199 we read this story in Matt 26: 57-75; Mark 14: 53-72; Luke 22: 54-71  

Guided reflection:

This is a long passage… Jesus was on trial and his accusers twisted the truth to give them grounds for crucifixion.  Jesus just stood there and took it!  They began to beat him…and he did nothing.  Peter did not cut and run with the others, he stood outside to watch.  Peter did not know this Jesus – where is the Man who calmed the storm… the one who spoke to demons and they went running… the one who had more power than lameness, or blindness, or leprosy!  Jesus looked powerless now!  When they asked Peter if he was with that man in there, Peter denied even knowing him… three times he denied it and even cursed… just as the rooster crowed.  Peter did not know the end of the story yet... all he knew was that this Jesus was being beaten to a pulp and wanted nothing of it!   In this life, we do not always see the end from the beginning, do we?

Guided prayer:

“I do not know what Jesus had to go through all of this – maybe when I get into your throne room in heaven, you can help me understand.  Right now, I identify more with Peter than with Jesus.  Forgive me for my lack of trust sometimes !  Amen”