Day 241 Jesus is arrested John 18: 1-14

We read this story in Matt 26:47-56; Mark 14: 43-52; Luke 22: 47-53 and now in John…

Guided reflection from dat 198

This passage probably only took a few quick and chaotic minutes – Judas arrived, betrayed Jesus with a kiss and Jesus is seized and asked:  “Judas – why the charade?”   Peter must have felt guilty for the fact he fell asleep when Jesus needed him, so he was ready to spring into action now… and whacked off the ear of one of theservants… and Jesus rebuked him!  Jesus healed the bleeding ear!  Just imagine Peter’s confusion:  Jesus told him he would betray him… but when he stepped up to protect him with what he knew to use – his sword – Jesus rebukes!  What does Jesus want, anyway?  What is going on, Jesus?   Ever thought you were doing the right thing, only to find it was not right?   All the Disciples cut and ran.

Guided prayer:

“O God, the specifics of these passages help us to know the harsh realities of being a disciple.  Your ways are not our ways… our ways of doing battle are not your ways.  Help me to understand your heart when I am confused. Amen”