Day 240 Jesus prays for his Disciples AND US!!! John 17:1-26

Guided reflection:

This is Jesus’ prayer for his Disciples and for us (vs 20).  What does He pray?  That we be safe by the power of God’s name;   That our joy might be full; that we be made God’s own;   THAT WE BE ONE!   That’s the prayer for his disciples and us!  He wants us safe from the evil one, He wants our joy to be full; He wants us to know that we belong to God… AND He wants us to be ONE with each other!   Our unity; our one mindedness, is what Jesus had on his mind on that last night!   Is Jesus prayer being answered in you?   Reread this passage and imagine walking in on Jesus praying about you… feel his prayer for YOU!!!

Guided prayer:

“O God, this scripture seems to say that Jesus was praying not only for his Disciples right there, but for us who would be coming to believe – that is me!  Jesus was praying for me on that last night!  I was on His mind!  My joy, my safety, and my unity with my brothers and sisters in Christ were on Jesus mind!  May Jesus’  prayer be answered in my life.  Amen”