Day 224 The Healing at the Pool John 5: 1 – 18

Guided reflection:

You are beginning to see why those who do not know the Bible are encouraged to read the Gospel of John as the place to begin.  The stories are so honest and so alive and filled with grace. When I hear this story I wonder why the man did not move closer to the water.  Then I wonder what Jesus saw in him that made him ask “do you want to be healed?”   Are there things you have been praying and praying about for years – what would you do if Jesus answered those prayers?  Do you really want to be healed? What do you get out of your “illnesses” or dysfunction?  Can you be gut honest with Jesus?

Guided prayer:

“Goodness, I think I want to be healed and made whole.  Although sometimes I get comfort or strokes for enduring not being whole… help me face myself, Help me have the courage to hear Jesus ask me “Do you want your prayers answered?”  Amen”