Day 235 Jesus prays for us John 14: 15-31

Guided reflection:

This is one of the dearest passages in all of scripture. Jesus is explaining how to keep the faith… keep the relationship with him going after he leaves them.  These are his last statements to his beloved ones.  We call this the last supper for a reason…and John lets us in on the conversation,  Enjoy the words… Jesus is giving you instructions on how to make it in this world where we have trouble and fear – but we need to be at peace, because Jesus has overcome the world!    Do not worry or be upset!!  Just do what Jesus told you to do!

Guided prayer:

“Sometimes I am afraid.  Sometimes I am not at peace.   Help me hear the words of Jesus to not be afraid… that Jesus is the overcomer and then so am I!  Thank you for your peace.  Amen”