Day 230 Jesus and his own brothers John 7:1-9

Guided reflection:

Jesus did not want to go to Judea because the folks were out to kill him.  But his own brothers – not the disciples, but his kin – did not really believe that their brother was really the Son of God – would you?  They encouraged Jesus to go to the Feast in Judea so he could “show off” with a few miracles so everyone would know about him.  But Jesus told them that this was not the time to go to Judea – they should go on without him.  But not to worry, the world would not hate them because he was their brother… the world only would hate him because he was the one who spoke the words of truth about the world’s problems and lack of faith.  It would have been hard to believe that your big brother was really a “God”, wouldn’t it?  You will note that John’s gospel shows the Pharisees being ready to kill Jesus earlier in the story line that the other three gospels.  Has it ever been difficult for you to follow Jesus?

Guided prayer:

“Today I pray for those who are tortured for their faith.  We are so thankful that we have the freedom to worship as we please.   However, when I am comfortable, I often forget to keep my faith in the forefront of my life.  I stop at this moment and ask that you show me where you want me to grow today.  Amen”