Day 222 Jesus and the Samaritan Women at the well John 4: 1-42

Guided reflection:

Take time to read the whole story.  A day in the life of Jesus… being at the right place at the right time to meet someone’s need.    I love it how she tries to change the subject and then how Jesus brings it right home to her heart.  What a story of Grace and acceptance!  Put yourself in the story.  What of your past/present would you want to keep from Jesus?  What story of your own life would you love to hear Jesus forgive and accept you just as you are?    He does, you know! 

Guided Prayer:

“I am just like the woman at the well, Dear God!  I put on a good front but inside I know who I really am (you might want to make of list!)  Right now I hear the words of Jesus accepting me and releasing me from shame and guilt… please set my heart to singing.. so that I can come back bringing others to you!  Amen”