Day 221 John the Baptist’s Opinion of Jesus John 3: 22-36

Guided reflection:

What a great passage about seeing one’s place in God’s love story.  John the Baptist has been preaching his heart out and baptizing any who will be baptized and he has gathered a group of disciples around him.  They become jealous of the popularity of another (Jesus) who is gathering large groups of people.  Rather than be jealous, John reminds his followers that he is not the Messiah and is just pointing folks to the Messiah.  His own happiness is complete … if Jesus is truly the messiah, He, John, must decrease in importance so the real work of God – the Messiah – can increase.  Wow, such humility!  How many times have I heard pastors become jealous of another person’s congregation when their numbers are larger than their own?  Should that we be more like John!

Guided Prayer:

“O Loving God, help me to know this kind of humility.  Help me to know that all that I do for you is not about me, but about you!  Help me release my need to be recognized and remember that I play to an audience of one – you!  Amen”