Day 219 The first Miracle – at a wedding John 2: 1- 12

Guided reflection:

I get tickled when I read this as a mother… I am not sure if Mary is being a nag or is trying to encourage him to fly.  Somehow she believes it is time for him to start his work, but he thinks not - yet, makes the miracle happen!  Water is turned into wine - and not just plain ole wine – the best stuff any had ever tasted.  Now the cat is out of the bag... Jesus is not your ordinary person!  The last verse tells us that at first his mother and his siblings traveled with him.  Can’t you just imagine how Mary bragged about her boy?  You should see what he can do!

A miracle at an ordinary event – this is how it all began.

Guided prayer:

“Take my ordinary life, O God, and fill me with new wine.  Help me to keep my eyes open at all times for your activity around me.  Amen”