Day 214 The Road To Emmaus Luke 24:13-35

Guided reflection:

WOW!  Can you imagine what it must have been like to be lost in the words of Jesus as he made all the stories and prophecies make sense of the turmoil of their current headlines?  Just think, they had the risen Christ to themselves for all those miles.  It must have felt like a short trip that day… they wanted more, begged him to stay.  He did and then their eyes were opened.  Talk about an epiphany!  The lights came on in their minds and they knew they had walked on holy ground.  Today we have a spiritual weekend, 72 hours, where men or women spend time “walking on holy ground” as the scriptures make sense and you experience God’s love in a personal manner.  If you have not experienced you own Emmaus Walk, please talk someone who has so you might have your own special time with God!

Guided prayer:

“This story gives me hope.  There are times when things do not make sense and I need some insight and wisdom… and along the way, Jesus will come and help me see love, even in the middle of scary times.  Open my eyes that I might see, glimpses of truth you have for me!  Amen”