Day 212 Bribing the soldiers Matthew 28:11-15

Guided reflection:

Aha!  The Soldiers did see something…. And it sounds just like a modern day movie filled with intrigue!  The soldiers were bought off to keep their mouths shut about what really happened and all agreed to tell the same story.  The soldiers were promised that their backs would be covered.   And some still believe their story.  Well, to be honest, their story is easier to grasp than the miracle story… but thank God we serve a miracle working God!  The resurrection story is THE story for us as Christians.  If we truly believe, then how is it that it is hard to believe that God is still a God of miracles?

Guided prayer:

“O God, our world is still the same – people force others to take bribes or force themto deny reality… when will we get it?  Help us to open our eyes to truth and may that truth set us free.  Right now I pray for those who are victimized by others who use power games to get what they want.  Help me to never join their ranks!  Amen!”