Luke 2: 8 – 20 Shepherds and Angels

Again, only Luke tells of the angels and shepherds. 

Guided reflections:

  1. We heard the life purpose of John, but now what does the angel say is Jesus’ life purpose?
  2. Vs 19 – I wonder if what Mary “ pondered in her heart”  kept her going 33 ½ years later at the foot of the cross.
  3. In these stories of Mary and Joseph, the angels did not discuss the future pain. 

Guided prayer for Day 8: 

“Loving God, it is probably good that we do not know the end at the beginning.  Even in Jesus’ story, his life with such a clear purpose had seasons of joy and of sorrow.  Help me to see that you are with me, working in and through me, when all are singing songs of praise as well as when I find myself alone in the garden.  Help me pay attention to what I “ponder in my heart”