Day 31 Jesus on Murder Matthew 5:21-26

Remember chapters 5 – 7 are “the Sermon on the Mount”… so we continue to look at the essence of Jesus’ teaching.

Guided reflection:

1.   The LAW says do not kill… but Jesus fulfills the law with “but I say, if you are angry with, insult, or call someone a fool… it is the same thing!”    How are you living out this?  Anyone of God’s children make you angry… are you insulting… call names?   

2.    Next time the offering plate comes around for you to give your gifts to God, consider Jesus’ words – before you bless God with an offering, make things right with others.

3.  Look at Matt 12:57-59… Jesus’ continued words on taking folks to court…

Guided Prayer:

“Forgiving God,  these words make us cringe when we know our tempers, our ability to sling insults and call people names… it is almost a sport on TV… forgive us for following the example of the world instead of following the words of Jesus.  Today, help me forgive ________ (Make a list of those who come to mind when you read this scripture) Amen.”