Day 30 Jesus and the Law Matt 5:17-20

Right here, Jesus puts the scribes and Pharisees on notice… the way they perceive and thus live out the law is not at all what Jesus wants from us.

Guided reflections:

  1. If we would look at the end of Jesus earthly life, you will see that the conflict Jesus sets up with these few verses ends at the cross.  Jesus is not a new teaching, but a fulfillment of the law.  Jesus respects the Law of God.
  2. Vs 18 gives me the hint that the accomplishment of the fulfillment of the law is a continuing activity of God… what do you think that means?
  3. Can you remember the 10 commandments (Look at Exodus 20 as a reminder) – how do we try to “relax” these laws.  If we do, what has been the consequence?

Guided Prayer:

“Loving God, your laws are for our own good but it is our human nature to buck the law. Jesus brought life and meaning to the old Laws… Jesus promises abundant life that comes from submission to your word.  Do in me what you need to do to bring me to life abundantly. Amen”