Day 29 Salt and Light Matt 5: 13-16 Luke 14:33, 34,35

Guided reflections:

  1. What was/is salt used for?  What does Jesus mean we are “the salt of the earth”…is our life to bring flavor to our world?  How can you be salt?
  2. Verse 14 has been quoted throughout history… we are the light of the world, let our light shine… remember in church how we bring in the light and then the acolytes take the light out again at the end of the service – THIS is the verse that illustrates that tradition.
  3. How is your light shining?  Do people see your good works and thus see Christ in you?

Guided prayer:

“Light of the world, ignite in me such a fire that all who meet me will see the light in my eyes and in my actions.   May all that I do today give glory to you, O God!  Amen”