Day 28 The Beatitudes Matt 5: 3-12 Luke 6:20-23

Make sure you use the Matthew reading today.   This might be a good scripture to memorize. Teach these to your children and your children’s children!  These “beatitudes” pit Jesus’ way of looking at things in opposition to what is our earthly way of thinking.

  1. As you read each verse, make three lists – one with what Jesus calls “blessed” and the other list include why Jesus sees this as blessed, and the third list of how the world usually sees someone with the first list’s attitudes. 
  2. Robert Schuller called these the “BEAttitudes” because our attitude affects how we act.  Look at your 1st list – on a scale of 1-10, one being not so good and 10 being great, give yourself a grade on how you are doing with your “Be Attitudes!”

Guided prayer:

“O dear God, no wonder my life is not as blessed as I would hope – my attitudes toward others are far from Jesus’ dream for me – instead of showing mercy, I want revenge.  Instead of seeing persecution as a blessing, I want to get even.  Help me to understand that Jesus way of doing and being makes the world look upside down!  Help me to be more like Jesus.  Amen”