Day 27 The Sermon On the Mount – the introduction Matt. 5: 1-2; Luke 6:12, 20

Today we begin to explore the wonderful passages of Matthew 5-7 in what is known as “The Sermon on the Mount”.  Only Matthew lays this out as though it is one sermon.  Many scholars believe that the writer of Matthew uses these three chapters to provide the essence of Jesus’ teaching.  If we are doing this Bible Reading System to learn what Jesus taught, then these next 25 days contain the core of Jesus’ philosophy and practical insight for us as Disciples.

Guided reflection:

  1. Today, get your heart ready for “aha!” moments over the next few weeks.  Imagine you are on the side of a mountain, near the Sea of Galilee, a grassy hillside where the gentle breeze carries the words of Jesus like a microphone.   Place yourself inside the story.
  2. The Luke scripture tells us that Jesus, once again, went to the mountain to get away to pray… and was interrupted and began to teach.   You are ready to be taught by the Master… maybe today we need to just prepare to hear insights from our Savior.

Guided Prayer:

“Dear Truth, as I anticipate being a student with Jesus on the hillside, clear my mind and heart of things that would hinder me from not only hearing but living out what I am to be taught.  Open the eyes of my heart, Lord.  Amen”