Day 26 The Big Catch! Luke 5: 1-11

This reading might be the same story as Day 20, but only Luke includes this WOW fishing story as Peter, James and John’s call to be a disciple.

Guided reflections:

  1. When the crowds started pushing Jesus, he saw the boats there and turned them into an opportunity to get ‘ole Peter’s attention.   This stranger just sits down in his boat and starts teaching – what was Peter to do, but listen!  Have you ever had an encounter that changed your life?
  2. Notice Jesus’ way to “hook” Peter into discipleship – wow him with what Peter knew about… fishing.  Fishermen love to tell big catch stories!  Put yourself in Peter’s boat for a moment.  Fishing with the “Jesus factor” changes things!
  3. Jesus called Peter into an expanded life - not just fish for fish for fish for people!  How is Christ calling you into an expanded life?

Guided prayer:

“Awesome God,  just like Peter, I think I have done all I can in my life… but what would my life be if I added the “Jesus factor” to my life – how do you want to show me your blessing and call on my life?  Make my heart open, Amen.”   (Spend some time thinking about this prayer…)