Day 20 Matt 4: 18-22, Mark 1: 16-20 Calling the 1st Disciples

Only Matthew and Mark tell about the calling of Peter, Andrew, James and John. 

Jesus has started his preaching ministry, now he must begin his leadership development and mentoring of disciples…succession planning. 

  1. What were these four doing when Jesus called them?  How did Jesus relate what they knew to what He wanted them to do as his disciples?
  2. I love Mark – everything is done “immediately”…. Watch for that word as we read Mark.  Notice, no hesitation on following Jesus – “immediately they left their boats and their father…. Totally changed their focus.  What “nets” might you need to drop so you can follow your call?

Guided Prayer:

“I hear your voice calling me, but if I really pay attention I know that I will have to drop some things out of my life so I can focus on you.  (What might those be?  Do you have the courage to name those places?)  Keep calling me, Lord. Don’t give up on me!  Amen”